Why organic

Standard, non-organic hair dye is loaded with all sorts of questionable safe chemicals: ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphates, and parabens, to name a few. Additionally their ingredients include animal bi-products and/or are tested on animals.

Unfortunately, in the beauty industry there is little regulation about ingredients and labeling. According to a recent article on Toxicity Database, over 80% of ingredients used in the beauty industry are not researched for safety.

Do you own research and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Any true professional will not be offended by your wanting to know what you are putting on your body and hair.

At Stasia's we stand by our values: safe color, make with natural organic and ethically sourced ingredients that promises no animal testing or bi-products.

Fortunately we've found two great brands that align with our values:

Organic Colour Systems and Mastey. Both brands provide incredible results that match and even surpass run-of-the-mill hair dyes.

  • No burning

  • No itching

  • No fumes

  • 100% Grey coverage

  • Longer Lasting Color, Healthier, Shinier Hair


And because hair responds better to natural ingredients our products give outstanding results. It really does matter.

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Before Organic
stacys-hands-before-1 stacys-hands-before-2 stacys-hands-before-3 stacys-hands-before-4 stacys-hands-before-5 stacys-hands-before-6 stacys-hands-before-8 stacys-hands-before-7

After Going Organic
stacys-hands-after-1 stacys-hands-after-2 stacys-hands-after-3 stacys-hands-after-4 stacys-hands-after-5 stacys-hands-after-6

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