Stacy Long

Stacy has been a hair stylist for over 12 years now. She has had training from many experts in the industry including Robert Cromeans, Sam Villa & Martin Parsons to name just a few. She is a Redken Master Specialist and Organic Color Specialist. In 2007, Stacy switched to Organic Colour Systems and in 2008 opened Stasia’s Organic Element Salon.
Due to her own life experiences of health challenges and disheartened by the lack of regulation in the beauty industry, she is dedicated to finding the healthiest options & products for beauty today.

In addition, Stacy has a B.A. from Florida State University in Studio Art, has completed Mastery University & Leadership Academy from Anthony Robbins, is NLP certified and will soon be a certified health coach with Jordin Rubin’s Beyond Organic.

I am passionate about creating a hairstyle that fits your needs & personality and HUGE on listening first, recommending second. Its no longer enough to create beautiful hair. It needs to be in as safe and healthy a way as possible. Our bodies are a temple, but only if we treat them that way!

Read “The Story Behind Stasia’s” to hear Stacy’s up close and personal story of the effects of ammonia and toxins on her body.