Stacy Long, the owner of Stasia's Organic Element, conceived the idea of all natural, organic hair salon in 2008.

The idea came as the result of Stacy's personal lifestyle change, after adopting a holistic approach in all other areas of her life.

Her choice to switch to organics was a necessity, not a fad. After years of battling severe eczema with countless conventional medications, the doctors' verdict for Stacy was to switch her career path. Unable to give up her passion for hair design, Stacy continued looking for alternative solutions to her skin problem. Amazingly, she found answers on the shelves of a local health food store in the form organic foods and skin products.

We use organic color and products exclusively. We believe in it that much & about protecting your health, our health and the environment!

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Organic Hair Care

Soon after switching to organic living, Stacy's skin was:

  • "Magically" transformed
  • Started to heal
  • In order to be completely eczema free, she had to make one final change
  • Products used for clients' hair

Stacy spent much time looking, researching and testing her now "tried and true" color and curl professional line of hair products. With much support from the clients, the salon is proud to be a true "organic hair care" salon and uses as many organic elements as possible.

We research everything first!!!

South Tampa's Organic Design Studio

Stasia's started in 2010 in the vibrant, bustling culture of South Tampa.

The Organic Design Studio is located right off of MacDill Avenue, is located across from Miguel's restaurant. It is a typical, South Tampa bungalow with small, more private rooms and a quaint floor plan. It is carefully and tastefully decorated using all green paints and stains and has accents of beautiful orchids, to offer the ultimate experience and comfort to the clients.

The Green Difference

Here is are highlights about what makes our salon green. We believe it's not just about the color we use and to be congruent, we strive to be green and environmentally friendly in as many ways as possible.

  • Offer organic & fair trade coffee & tea
  • Offer organic wine
  • Compliment your beverages with a selection of raw sugar, organic honey, organic half and half or coconut milk creamer
  • Used organic, no VOC paint from Healthy Home (Environment 3000 paint)
  • Used SoyCrete to stain and seal our concrete floors
  • We use a green cleaning service and only green products to clean with (Dawn Hamel)
  • We recycle all paper, plastics, glass, etc.
  • Coming soon, we will have a recycling product program which will allow you to reuse your previous product bottles for refills